Meal Info

All our meals are carefully designed to not only maximise flavour, but also to ensure that each meal delivers the essential nutrients your body needs. We use only “pantry ingredients” that you would find at home, with no unwanted additives or preservatives.


Want Hand Crafted Meals in Meals You Can Trust? We use the freshest ingredients, and under strict HACCP food safety standards, prepare and package your meals. Each meal is hand packed and inspected under temperature controlled conditions to ensure you receive the best and SAFEST possible product on the market. All our meals have fully traceable batch numbers, so we can trace your meal from delivery of ingredients, right to your doorstep

Menus Specially Designed to Meet Your Fitness Goals? We’ve created three menus designed to help you achieve your fitness goals


Lean & Fit Meals have been specifically designed for men and women to build lean muscle mass and lower levels of fat. With a focus on lower carb meals, they are perfect for those with an active lifestyle. Available in both 250g and 450g portion sizes.

BBulk & Fit Menu Planulk & Fit Meals have been specifically designed for both men and women to build serious muscle mass. With a focus on higher carb meals, they are perfect for those who want to build mass and regularly undergo grueling workouts. Available in both 250g and 450g portion sizes.

Her BodyFit Menu PlanHer BodyFit Meals have been specifically designed for women to build lean muscle mass and lose weight. With a balanced focus of no carb and carb meals, they are perfect for general weight loss and those who undergo regular physical activity. Available in 250g portion sizes only.

Heating Instructions

We’ve taken great care to develop the highest quality meals, and to ensure you get the best from our meals, we ask that you take a little care in reheating. Allow your meals to defrost overnight in the fridge and then reheat on medium heat in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Please don’t bring nuclear war onto your meals by overheating in the microwave. 

Still hungry, or dont feel like a full snack? We also offer a delicious range of side dishes and high protein breakfast omelettes to compliment your meals, or for a perfect healthy snack on the go.

Want to be kind to the environment with Eco-Friendly Packaging? All our meals are packaged in strong, sturdy “pulp” style containers, and film sealed at the time of packing. Our meal containers can be recycled with your papers once you’ve finished the meal. No washing up (except the fork!)


Meal Nutrition:

We understand that everyone’s nutritional needs are different, so our meals are only lightly seasoned, and some people may like to add a little more salt or pepper to taste. Every meal is also fully labelled with not only nutritional information, but with a full ingredient and allergen listing.

You can find full nutritional information of our meals using the following links here:

250g Meal Information

450g Meal Information

Protein Wraps Information

Egg Omelette Information

With such an varied and nutritious menu plan, sticking to a healthy eating plan has never been easier.





















Bulk & Fit Menu Plan











Her BodyFit Menu Plan













































































































































































































Please note that due to an ever increasing demand, we can sometimes run temporarily out of stock of one or two types of meals. In an attempt to get you your meals as a priority, we reserve the right to substitute alternative meals in your order (following your selection criteria during ordering).