Why Should I Choose BodyFit Meals?

Our core business is making “ready to go” nutritious “muscle meals”. We are chefs specialising in food nutrition, so promise to deliver the best possible meals available. We are experts in combining nutrition with flavour, and that’s what we promise to you in each of our muscle meals.

No fancy advertising, no “middle men” getting their cut, just genuine food at real prices. We don’t charge for menu changes, and if you can pickup from our Lansvale NSW kitchen, we will save you even more by waiving our delivery costs!

Bodyfit Meals also offer you the added benefits of:

  • No need for the “Sunday cook” – we do the work for you!
  • No cooking or cleaning for each meal. Simply wash up your knife and fork!
  • Nutritionally balanced, exciting menu. No more boring piece of grilled meat and rice to allow you to pack on serious muscle.
  • You can tailor and customise your order for no added cost.
  • If you’re in Sydney, you can visit our factory outlet and save even more. We don’t need to pay for delivery, so we pass this saving DIRECT TO YOU!
  • All our muscle meals are available for individual purchase as well as bulk purchase of our meal components to let you mix and match your menu and eating habits.
  • Full HACCP and Food Authority certified meaning you can be 110% sure of your food safety (You will never find pictures of our meals sitting on a bench getting warm prior to delivery!)

What Is The Right Meal For Me?

We have split our muscle meals into 2 categories to help you reach your maximum physical potential.

Our 250gm meals are perfect to stay in shape and build lean muscle. Designed for both men and women, they are protein packed, flavoursome meals you’ll love.

For men, our 250gm meals combined with our “snack pack” option are perfect also to stay lean and build lean muscle mass. Ideal menu for physically active people.

Our 450gm meals are perfect for those who want to build serious mass and bulk up. Ideal menu plans for those who’s workout regime includes heavy lifting and resistance training.

Regardless of your health & fitness goals, we also offer healthy snack packs and even “naughty packs” to help assist you with your long term eating goals. Keep one of these snack packs handy, and when you need a quick snack, you won’t need to rely on junk food! (and when you do want a naughty indulgence, our delicious desserts will hit the spot!).

Why are your meals so cheap compared to the competition?

If you specialise in something, you get pretty good at it. We hand manufacture and hand pack countless meals each day, so we’re pretty damn good at it. Combine our production efficiency with mass purchasing power of top quality raw ingredients, and you get top quality muscle meals at wholesale prices – We pass on the savings to you.

We deliver top quality meals at the best possible prices by:

  • Specialising in pre-portioned meals means we pass on our efficiencies to you
  • Our purchasing power means we pass savings onto you
  • We keep our overheads low by no fancy advertising, merchandise or sponsorship of athletes. We sponsor YOU by giving you the best possible meals at the best possible prices
  • We let you save even further by buying in bulk our meal components and if you’re in Sydney, factory pickup is available (saving you ANOTHER $15 per meal plan!)

How To Order The Right Meal For Me?

We’ve made the ordering process as quick and easy as possible

  1. Decide what size muscle meal you want? 250gm are perfect for men and women who want to stay lean and shredded. Our 450gm meals are perfect for those who want to build mass.
  2. Decide on how many meals you want? We offer a 2x, 3x or a massive 4x meals per day menu plan for 6 days. If you want the 7th day meals, you can simply order these meals additionally.
  3. Select the meal plan you want, and customise it to your liking if you want
  4. Add sides or naughty desserts (we promise we won’t tell anyone!)
  5. Place your order, deciding if you want it home delivered or pickup from our factory outlet (Pickup will save you another $15!)
  6. Focus on your training knowing you’ll be eating the best foods for your body

I don’t like something on the menu. Can I Customise My Meal Plans?

You sure can! And what’s more, we won’t charge you extra for it either! You can swap out white rice and pasta for brown rice and wholemeal pasta on most dishes, or swap an entire meal for something else on the menu for no charge (limitations apply).

We manufacture our muscle meals in bulk to deliver the best possible prices, and unfortunately changing individual meals configuration (outside the options we provide) means we need to charge you more… and we don’t want to do that!… but you can swap an entire meal for something else if you want a change.

Pickup Or Delivery?

We are pleased to offer flexible ways to get your meals to you fast. Included within our price is free “to your door” delivery to many areas around Australia. Check out our delivery details here.

Our meals are delivered in a refrigerated freezer van, and dropped off at your door in a styrofoam box. Out of direct sunlight, our meals will remain frozen for a few hours within their box, but its recommended to pack your order away ASAP.

Due to health and safety reasons, we are unable to collect and re-use used Styrofoam boxes from customers.

How Long Can I Store My Meals?

Our muscle meals can be safely stored in the freezer for 6 months. Once defrosted, we recommend that the meals are kept refrigerated and eaten within 5 days.

If you don’t finish a meal, we don’t recommend you returning it to the fridge for another day. Nothing is more important than your health, so don’t take chances!

How Secure Is My Online Order?

We take your privacy and online security seriously, so we have chosen Paypal.

PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to theirs using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available). Before you even register or log in to the PayPal site, their server checks that you’re using an approved browser – one that uses SSL 3.0 or higher.

Once your information reaches the PayPal site, it resides on a server that is heavily guarded both physically and electronically. PayPal servers sit behind an electronic firewall and are not directly connected to the internet, so your private information is available only to authorized computers.

As such, PayPal handles the whole payment side, so we never even see your confidential information, therefore making it one of the most securest payment options in the world.