Disclaimer & Shipping Policy


All efforts have been made to ensure our products are allergen free with all known allergens specified. The BodyFit meals are producted on equipment that also handle dairy, eggs, seafood, nuts, gluten, eggs and celery.

Whilst every effort is made (following HACCP Food safety standards), we cannot guarantee the meals to be 100% allergen free.


Shipping Policy:

Please note that if you choose home delivery, your order will be dropped off, even if you are not home at the time of delivery. Deliveries are normally between business hours (8am – 6pm). Garratt’s Catering will not be held liable for any loss associated with theft or damage, and encourage you to specify a delivery location that will ensure you will be there to collect it.

Please note that it is also your responsibility to enter the correct delivery address at the time of ordering (and any specific details relating to delivery, such as gate code, etc). If you make a mistake in the shipping address, we are not obliged to resend the order at our cost.

Finally, whilst we try our best, we are unable to guarantee an exact time of delivery.


Refunds Policy:

We strive to deliver the best value for money meals possible, and do all within our powers to achieve that. We also understand that everyones taste is different, and we cannot be “all to everyone”.

Unfortunately we cannot refund your purchase if you change your mind, order incorrectly (and dont let us know before its dispatched), or simply do not like the meals. If your unhappy with the meals, let us know the exact problem and we can work together to find a suitable resolution.