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Bodyfit Meals is an exciting new concept by Garratt’s designed for especially for the fitness enthusiast who wants to eat healthy but lack the time to prepare their own fitness meals. Our flavour loaded, nutritionally balanced fitness meals help fuel your active lifestyle by letting you focus on your training, and not you’re cooking.

High Protein Chicken Tandoori

We offer 3 specially crafted fitness meal plans for those who want to slim down, maintain body mass and also those who want to build muscle and bulk up.

We believe that good food and convenience doesn’t have to be expensive, and strive to give you the absolute best fitness meals at the best possible prices.

We at Garratt’s are fully HACCP and Food Authority certified, ensuring the highest food safety standards are used within the production of your meals. You will never find pictures of our meals sitting on a bench getting warm prior to delivery! We specialise in the production of nutritionally balanced pre-prepared meals to ensure you get the best value for money meals available on the market today.

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Freshest Top Quality Ingredients Delivers the Best Fitness Meals


We use only the highest quality, freshest ingredients sourced from local suppliers. We combine these with ingredients you would find yourself in your pantry to create full flavoured meals ready to heat and eat after a big workout.

All our meals are MSG free, and most follow the Paleo eating plan.

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We believe that you will not find a better value, more varied menu of meals designed especially for the active person. Try it for yourself and check out our exciting fitness meal plans here